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  • Makk Hotel

      About 1km, 15minutes walk from the center of the city, Makk hotel locates in the south area of Riverside.It looks like brand-new white villa. The owner of the hotel also manages “Hotel Five.S”, which is also the one of gorgeous boutique hotel in the city.     When you Read more [...]

  • Mea Culpa

    “Mea Culpa” locates between the Riverside Area and Lotus Pond, about 1km south from the Durian Roundabout. When you enter the entrance gate, you might be amazed at many tropical plants and flowers. As the sign in the entrance say, the guesthouse also has a stylish pizzeria. There are many Read more [...]

  • The Magic Sponge

    In the area between Kampot Market and The department of Kampot Tourism, there is a unique and colorful guesthouse. “The Magic Sponge” is the one of the top-rated guesthouses for tourists, as it provides not only good services but also unique events and delicious food & drinks. <Rooms> 1 Large Read more [...]

  • Pippali Hotel & Restaurant

    About 1km, 10 minutes walk from the center of Kampot city, stylish and unique hotel welcome tourists. “The Pippali Hotel” is little boutique hotel, located near Kampong Bay River, quiet and peaceful area of the city. in Indian “Pippali” means “Pepper”, which is the one of the most famous things Read more [...]

  • The Columns Hotel

    The Columns Hotel is located on a quiet street, near the monument 2000 monument. The hotel is just a 5 minute walk from the Durian roundabout and Old Market. The building style of the hotel is based on French Colonial Heritage, whereas it has modern functionality and comforts. It promises Read more [...]