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The Kampong Trach Mountain Resort is a historic tourist attraction and effectively a ‘shrine’ worshipped by Cambodians, Chinese and the Vietnamese people. This resort is located 38 km to the east of Kampot town along National Route 33 within Dam Nak Kantout Khang Tbong Commune in Kampong Trach District.

When traveling by train, there are wonderful views of the resort since it is situated close to the railway track. The mountain has a perimeter of around 4000 meters and varies in height between 150 to 200 meters, with vines and trees clinging to life amongst the cracks in the rocks.

At the base of the mountain, numerous caves can be found. In front of the main cave is the famous Kiri Seila pagoda. To the east and west of the pagoda .there are many small grottos approximately 5 to 10 meters up.
A staircase has been erected for use by the elderly, nuns and the general public. To the north of the pagoda there is located a large cavern which serves as an entrance to other caves with an entrance to an open area 30 meters away in the middle of the mountain with a diameter of around 21 meters.

Several caves can be found here, such as Skor Hanuman Cave, Cheang Lok Me Tap Cave, Trey Balen Cave and Kbal Antong Cave. A large Buddha statue has since been erected for people to worship. Interestingly seven different colors of soil can be und here and this has also attracted many people to the location. The Natural beauty of Kampong Trach has also made this a popular film location.

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