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What is the most famous thing in Kampot?

If you ask that, we would definitely like to say that “It’s KAMPOT PEPPER.

When you go to souvenir shops in Cambodia, you can often find beautifully-wrapped-pepper.

Nowadays the pepper has been popular for its scentful aroma and fragrant flavor, and has been loved by people all over the world.


Pepper blessed with perfect “Terroir”

However, why Kampot Pepper is so delicious?

Because it is blessed with perfect “Terroir”-which means the set of environmental factors- like combination of soil, climate, proximity of sea and mountains, and traditional farming.

Farmers in “La Plantation”

Historically, Kampot benefits from the traditional pepper growing knowledge and expertise handed down from one generation to the next.  This explains the exceptional quality of Kampot pepper.

Moreover, KAMPOT PEPPER has become the first Cambodian Agricultural Product to be granted PGI*.


*The PGI requires producers to follow strict regulations like governing production (land, cultivated area, natural fertilizers and natural pesticides), processing, packaging and traceability.

Only accredited members of the KPPA, adhering to the PGI criteria, are authorized to sell pepper using the “Kampot Pepper” appellation of origin.

KPPA(Kampot Pepper Promotion Association) and ECOCERT(International Certification Body) controls and certifies Kampot Pepper plantations every year.

Kampot Pepper is truly like treasure of Kampot Province- the most famous and delicious pepper granted by people all over the world.



Kampot pepper plantations produce four colors of pepper: green, black, red and white.

Green Pepper

Kep crab stir-fried in green pepper is one of the region’s must-eat traditional gourmet meals.

Black Pepper

Black pepper develops strong and delicate aromas. Its taste is very intense and mild at the same time, with hints of eucalyptus and fresh mint.

At the height of the dry season, towards the month of March, the peppercorns ripen on the vine, turning from yellow to red are harvested by hand at full maturity.

Red Pepper

The Kampot red pepper is the region’s flagship product. It develops powerful fruity aromas. Its unique taste, less spicy than the black pepper, has sweet notes of red fruit and honey.

White Pepper

White pepper is the result of the transformation of red pepper. Its outer coat is removed by soaking it for 2 days. The Kampot white pepper develops a powerful bouquet and delicate aromas. Its intense, spicy taste conceals hints of fresh herbs and lemon.


La Plantation

There are many farms of Kampot Pepper in Our Province. La Plantation, a traditional organic certified Kampot Pepper farm, is the perfect combination of traditional farming and modern processing. Kampot Pepper is processed with high standard in quality and hygiene and has been certified by Ecocert as 100% organic.

KAMPOT PEPPER is the one of specialties that tourists must get in Kampot!

If you are interested in this most delicious pepper in the world, please come to visit one of pepper farms in Kampot.


*Some pictures on this page was provided by La Plantation.

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